Tips for Creating Your Wedding Style


From the moment you were born, you began developing your own style and personality. There are factors in life that may change you, but you will always be a unique individual. There is no one else like you, and your partner fell head over heels for the person you are. Your wedding day should reflect who you are and your unique personalities as a couple.

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Planning a wedding is already quite time consuming and a rather difficult task. When you delve into the world of wedding planning, it can really help to reflect who you are within your big day, and stick to it.

Here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri, as Atlanta wedding planners, we understand that your wedding day is a significant milestone in your life, as you become one with your partner. That’s why we have gathered a few ways to help you create a wedding that represents you. If you are still in search of some wonderful wedding tips, be sure to continue reading for some great inspiration:

  • Dream Big

    Before you start planning décor and hiring vendors, it’s important to envision your dream wedding, right down to your bridal details. Dream big, imagine your entire wedding, from beginning to end, and don’t leave out any details. There are a few details to consider while dreaming up your big day, such as who will be attending, specifically how many, where the wedding will be held, and formal or casual attire. Once you have your wedding imagined, you can begin the planning phase by diving into the fine details.

  • Focus on Your Style

    Now that you have your wedding imagined, it’s time to be specific about the details. When hiring vendors, especially a wedding planner, keeping specifics in your mind is the best way to develop your dream wedding. For example, instead of deciding on a Winter themed wedding, you can be more specific, with themes such as a ski lodge wedding, Scandinavian, Christmas, or even “let it snow”. Don’t forget to take your spouse’s passions and interests into account when creating your style, as this is a day about both of you.

  • Choose Your Color Palette

    If there is one thing that all your wedding elements have in common, it’s their color palette. Your wedding colors will unify every wedding element, from your centerpieces to your linens. When you start looking for your perfect colors, take a look at a color wheel and see which colors stand out to you. It’s helpful to find one main color that you absolutely love and one color to accent it, or, two main colors that complement each other. If you are looking to brighten your palette, you can add metallic or neutral accents. Your color palette will determine a great deal for your wedding.

Reflecting who you are within your wedding is a charming way to celebrate your love and relationship dynamic. These are just a few tips to assist you with planning your own big day!

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Are you ready to create your nuptials with a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to be yours!

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