Wedding Superstitions That You Can Ignore


When it comes to planning a wedding, know that there are many superstitions that have come about! Whether they are good or bad, it could certainly cause you a little stress as you try and bring your big day to life.

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However, if you know which wedding superstitions you can ignore, you can go about planning your big day with ease!

We believe that every couple should plan their nuptials in any way that they please! That’s why, here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri, as Atlanta wedding planners, we have gathered some of the top wedding superstitions that you can ignore. If you would like to discover what these superstitions are, be sure to continue reading:

  • No Peeking

    It’s often assumed that the bride and groom aren’t to see one another before the wedding ceremony. However, this superstition can certainly be ignored! In fact, it came about decades ago, as the groom wasn’t to see his bride, so that he didn’t have a chance to change his mind and run before the wedding ceremony. This certainly doesn’t pose as an issue in today’s world!

  • No Yellow Flowers

    Back in the Victorian era, yellow flowers were said to symbolize jealously, and put a curse on marriages. So, utilizing yellow blooms throughout weddings was highly frowned upon! But, in today’s world, yellow flowers are being showcased, and marriages are just fine. Therefore, you can ignore this superstition!

  • No Marrying on a Saturday

    According to English folklore, Saturday is the most unlucky day of the week. Therefore, it’s said that you shouldn’t get married on such a bad day. However, in today’s world, Saturdays are the most popular days to tie the knot on, and couples have very lucky big days. So, be sure that you don’t believe this wedding superstition!

Superstitions certainly flood the world of weddings! These are just a few that you shouldn’t believe.

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Are you ready to plan your own big day with a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia? If so, please get in touch with us here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to assist you with creating your nuptials!

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