Items That You Can & Can’t Take from Hotel Rooms


When traveling, you will most likely stay within a lovely hotel. A comfortable bed, TV, toiletries; your hotel room will be comprised of many elements.

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However, with so many details in your hotel room, you may be curious as to if you can snag any to take home with you.

We believe that everyone should get the most out of their stay at their hotel! That’s why, here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri, as Atlanta wedding planners, we have gathered some items that you can and can’t take from hotel rooms. If you would like to discover what these items are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Toiletries. The most common items found in every hotel room are toiletries! Hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner are usually always on display. While they may not be the top of line quality, know that you can take them home with you if you please! In fact, most hotels offer their own brand of toiletries, and feel as if you take them home with you, it will help to spread their business name around. So, it’s actually encouraged!
  • Stationery. Paper, notepads, and pens are usually presented within hotel rooms. Just as with toiletries, most hotels showcase their business name among these items. So, they are also encouraged to take home, as hotels utilize these items as marketing tools.
  • Fabrics. While we all wish we could take home luxurious sheets, fluffy towels, comfortable robes, and cozy slippers from hotel rooms, unfortunately these items must be left. These hotel room essentials are quite pricy, and are also reused on a regular basis, as the hotel attendants will wash them and prepare them to be utilized by the next guest.
  • Electronics. Posing as the most expensive items in hotel rooms, electronics such as TVs and tablets shouldn’t be taken home, or from the room. In fact, most hotels put trackers on these devices to ensure that they are not stolen.
  • Essentials. Hangers, dishes, blow dryers, irons; there are many essential items that will assist you with living regularly while in your hotel room. These items, unfortunately, must be left within the hotel room. In fact, most hotels make sure that these items are still within the room once a guest departs, and will charge them if they have disappeared.

Making yourself aware of what can and can’t be taken from hotel rooms is of importance! These are just a few items that you should keep in mind while on your own vacation.

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If you are all set to plan your own travels with a destination wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia, please contact us here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri! With a passion for planning once in a lifetime events, we would be pleased to do the same for you.


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