Ways to Accommodate Dietary Restrictions at Your Wedding


Food will be a big part of your wedding day! After all, guests will come ready to indulge in your delicious cuisine. So, you should certainly plan your menu to perfection!

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However, it is important to remember that some guests may have dietary restrictions, meaning that they may not be able to eat what you plan to serve them.

We believe that everyone should get a bite to eat on your big day! That’s why, here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri, we have gathered some tips for accommodating dietary restrictions into your own wedding menu. If you are all set to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Present Options. By providing options to your guests when it comes to food, you can ensure that everyone can discover something to eat. A buffet-style service is a wonderful way to showcase an array of menu items. However, if you plan on serving a plated meal, you will want to ensure that you highlight options such as gluten-free and vegetarian, if necessary.
  • Keep Your Foods Separate. An allergic reaction is the last thing that you will want to encounter on your wedding day! Therefore, it is important that you keep your foods separate. If someone attending your big day is allergic to seafood, or even something as small as peanuts, you will want to ensure that these menu items are placed in their own area, as cross contamination could be detrimental!
  • Planning Your Menu. An easy way to know if guests have any dietary restrictions is to just simply ask them! Designate a spot among your RSVP cards or menu cards asking if there are any foods that can’t be consumed. This way, you can be aware ahead of time, and plan your menu accordingly.

Each of your wedding guests deserve to enjoy your cuisine! These are just a few tips to assist you with accommodating dietary restrictions at your own wedding.

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If you are all set to plan your wedding, menu and all, with a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia, please contact us here at Beautiful Beginnings by Tarri. As a Las Vegas wedding planner, we are all set to bring your big day to life.


Photo Source: https://unsplash.com/ – Stella de Smit

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